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Preview of our New Science Resources for KS1 and KS2 Coming Soon:

KS1: Dinosaur Footprint MysteryDinosaur Footprint Mystery

Dinosaur footprint trackways show us evidence of where dinosaurs used to travel and how they used to live. Using your imagination, create a series of dinosaur footprint trackways to tell a story of a gruesome dinosaur fight!

KS1 Dinosaur Footprint Mystery


KS2: Dinosaur Top TrumpsDinosaur Top Trumps

Dinosaurs once roamed the Jurassic Coast and Isle of Wight and through researching clues about their size, intelligence, age and even diet, we can understand how they lived with each other. Using our Dinosaur Top Trump card activity, can you work out the clues and be at the top of the food chain?

BJC Superteacher says “This activity allows children the opportunity to go on a self led discovery of information in a fun and engaging manner.”

KS2 Dinosaur Top Trumps


Big Jurassic Classroom Discovery Days – Teacher Training

To kick off our new look, we are launching 10 FREE exclusive Big  Jurassic Classroom Discovery Days for teachers in amazing venues from Torbay to Bournemouth for the 2016/17 academic year.

With exclusive access to incredible rock and fossil specimens and the expertise of real Earth Scientists, this is a unique opportunity to build your science skills and knowledge.

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