What is the Jurassic Coast?

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The Jurassic Coast is a popular destination for millions of people every year who come to enjoy picturesque beaches, quaint seaside towns and the beautiful coastal environment. The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a jewel in the crown of the world’s natural places. Anyone who knows it, knows that it is somewhere to stand and stare through the millions of years of time and just say ‘wow’. Others will recognise that it is a World Heritage Site and expect to find it ‘outstanding’. In this activity, children create their own agenda for enquiry by formulating their own questions from their imagination and then in response to a series of stimulus pictures. The activity forms an excellent starting point for exploring the key points of interest about the Jurassic Coast.

Teachers Materials

The activity can be easily delivered in the classroom but would benefit from high quality stimulus images.  There are some provided in the downloadable file, but you could also contact the Jurassic Coast for some hard copy leaflets (subject to availability). Travel agents or tourist information centres will also have brochures about Dorset and Devon that children can use for their research.


An excellent starter activity which could easily be set as a home learning assignment.


A good point of discussion here would be what do people look for when they want to go on holiday? What happens when lots of people all want to go to the same place?  On the Jurassic Coast, these areas are known as “honeypot” sites and are often subject to traffic congestion, footpath erosion and litter. Lulworth Cove, Weymouth and Swanage are all very popular places with tourists and give rise to all of these issues particularly in the summer holidays.

Extensions and Adaptations

To extend this investigation into a maths lesson, children could design a questionnaire to quiz family members about the Jurassic Coast. The questionnaire could have questions with answers in numerical values such as “On a scale of 1 – 10, how much would you like to visit this beach?”, “Would you enjoy fossil collecting?”. They could then add up the scores for each question and plot simple charts to show their results. A comparison could be made across the class as to whether people of different ages or sexes have different needs when it comes to planning a holiday.

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