Jurassic Post Edition 36

A new year, and a new start for World Heritage in the UK

Pontcysyllte-Aqueduct-and-Canal Aerial-view thumbnailFirstly I would like to wish you a Happy New Broadchurch, sorry, Year, and I hope you had the chance to get out along the coast over the holiday. OK, so Broadchurch is back, and our coast is once again on the National stage…I still can’t get over seeing my local cliffs at West Bay all over the telly, but I wish they would keep DIs Hardy and Miller, amongst others, a little further away from the rockfalls! 

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Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre 30th Anniversary

tn Denys BrunsdenOn Tuesday 16th October, Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre celebrated 30 years since its instigation, with Wardens, 55 volunteers of the Centre and special guests. These included Sibyl Fine King of the Fine Educational Foundation, Professor Denys Brunsden OBE, a patron of the Centre, Richard Edmonds, who was the first Warden and many of the Centre’s past and present trustees.

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Sedimental - Sea Shells

BrachiopodWhen trying to talk about ‘sea shells’ in the Jurassic Coast Fossil Finder website, we faced something of a challenge in order to keep it accessible but also scientifically accurate and structured. The scientific classification of life, the Linnaean system, brings that structure to the startling variety of life on earth, but it is based on some technical words that are likely to be unfamiliar to many people.

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New Jurassic Coast welcome signs

New welcome sign smallLook out for new Jurassic Coast welcome signs coming to a town near you soon!

The "Gateway to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site" signs at the entrance to towns and some villages along the coast will be replaced by the 2015 summer season.

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The Geology of Broadchurch

Sam Rose West BayWith the cliffs of West Bay gaining unprecedented celebrity status as the second series of Broadchurch hits our screens, we thought we’d give you some background on the geology of the area, what makes it such a spectacular backdrop today, and why the continuous forces of erosion make it a landscape that never stands still.

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The Wonders of World Heritage

rapa nui B - by Christian BobadillaThe Wonders of World Heritage exhibition is now on at Durlston Castle!

The Jurassic Coast Team has just launched an exciting new travelling exhibition, all about The Wonders of World Heritage. World Heritage Status is not something we have been able to delve into in great detail before but it is essential to understanding how the Jurassic Coast fits into the global family of World Heritage Sites.

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Reflections on Growing the Jurassic Coast Community

JC Trust Christmas partyWhen I first started this job back in the long, bright days of September, it seemed to contain a multitude of strands – our Ambassadors and Volunteers, Business Partners and Friends among others. Each needed its own thinking, planning and organising. What’s become abundantly clear over the last few weeks is how these different elements of the Jurassic Coast Community are intrinsically linked.

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Jurassic Coast Talk and Walk event

Guy walk and talk cropOur upcoming event in Seaton on 23rd February is the latest in a series of events, following on from our successful Talk & Walk in Beer late last year.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

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