Anjana Ford

Anjana Ford

Programme Manager - Learning
01308 807 000 Ext. 203

Anjana Ford is responsible for developing and leading on the education program for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Her role includes guiding education policy, recommending priorities and leading on education strategy development and review. In addition Anjana also develops curriculum resources for schools accompanied by a fully supported training programme for teachers at primary and secondary level.

Much of her work focuses on communicating the Earth Science and World Heritage values of the Jurassic Coast to a wide range of audiences, including those that are new to science.

Anjana has a degree in Earth Science from Kingston University and a PhD. from Southampton University based on research of deformation mechanics in sediments beneath glaciers. She spent four years working in the USA as a scientific researcher and educator for a variety of organisations including the US National Park Service and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Anjana Ford’s Jurassic Coast hotspot

‘My favourite place on the Jurassic Coast is Old Harry Rocks as it was one of the first places I visited after returning from the US that was (in my humble opinion) so much better than the Grand Canyon.’