Get the most out of your visit to the Jurassic Coast and enjoy this very special World Heritage Site.

Plan Your Visit from a great selection of accredited businesses, for the best places to stay, things to do and ways of exploring the Jurassic Coast. View the list of external links to local tourism websites.

The Jurassic Coast is can be easily accessed from our Gateway Towns. In addition to the Gateway Towns, the 'Anchor Towns' of Exeter, Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch also provide an extensive range of visitor facilities and tourist Information Centres. The many visitor centres and museums dotted along the coast will provide you with all the local geological information you could possibly JCBP scheme logo 100pximagine.


Some tourism businesses - including accommodation providers - along the Jurassic Coast have been accredited with Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme status. They demonstrate high standards of operation and a commitment to the values of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

The Jurassic Coast Business Partner Scheme follows on from the Quality Business Scheme. This scheme looks for businesses who also support the conservation of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

Exploring the World Heritage Site is best done on foot or by sea. The entire Site is accessible via the South West Coast Path National Trail and there are numerous boat trips offering Jurassic Coast tours along the coast.

Public transport - including a dedicated Jurassic Coast Bus - is available between many of the towns and villages which act as gateways to the Site. Watch a video of the X53's journey

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Things To Do - Visitor Centres and Museums

The visitor centres and museums along the coast show how each location makes the Jurassic Coast a World Heritage Site, showcasing the local geology and associated stories.

Read more: Things To Do - Visitor Centres and Museums

Places To Go - Gateway Towns

As well as being ideal points of access to the Jurassic Coast, Gateway Towns provide a whole range of services for visitors. Each town is also a destination in its own right.

The official Gateway Towns to the Jurassic Coast have road signs which you will clearly see as you enter the towns concerned.

All the towns featured in the following list - not just the Gateway Towns -  will help make your visit special.

Read more: Places To Go - Gateway Towns

Travel Information

If you are planning to drive to the Jurassic Coast - especially during the main holiday periods - please use Park & Ride facilities wherever possible and avoid the hassle of finding a car parking space in the height of the summer!

Please check all public transport information with Traveline before travelling.

Read more: Travel Information

South West Coast Path National Trail

The South West Coast Path National Trail runs along the entire length of the Jurassic Coast and offers the walker stunning views, with a bird's eye view of many coastal features. From the Coast Path you can experience the drama of sheer cliff faces, wonder at the strangely eroded rock formations and above all, witness how the geology within the coast reveals itself - showcasing the Earth's History over the last 250 million years.

Guided walks and events take place throughout the year and details can be found in the What's On Guide on this website and in Tourist Information Centres along the coast. Visitor Centres and museums offer walks, talks and other events.

For Lulworth Range walks and Tyneham village opening times visit:

The South West coast Path is easy to follow - just look out for the acorn symbols as you make your way along the path.

Visit for more information and check for any route changes at:

Please see link for a useful round up of closures around the south west coast path and also take note of the Take care stay safe message

For further details contact: Ros Mills
Public Rights of Way & Country Parks Manager
Devon County Council
01392 383000
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Plan Your Visit

Choose from a wide selection of businesses that care about the Jurassic Coast, for places to stay, things to do and ways of exploring our amazing World Heritage Site. 

Businesses listed have either been accredited through the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme or are Jurassic Coast Business Partners.


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Litter Free Coast and Sea


The Jurassic Coast Trust supports the Litter Free Coast & Sea campaign


Marine and beach litter is an environmental, social and economic issue for the Dorset and East Devon coastline with implications on the marine environment, industry and on coastal communities.

The litter found on our beaches an in our marine environment comes from lots of difference sources including litter that has been:

  • Deliberately discarded into seas, rivers or on beaches (such as litter and beach BBQ's left by beach visitors)
  • Brought into the sea indirectly with rivers, sewage, storm water or wind
  • Accidentally lost, including material lost at sea in bad weather (such as fishing gear or ships cargo)


LFCS1 edited-1



About Litter Free Coast and Sea

Find out more about the vision, aims, history and structure of the Litter Free Coast and Sea campaign.





LFCS2 edited-1



 Reasons for a Litter Free Coast and Sea

Find out the main reasons for reducing marine and beach litter and improving and maintaining water quality.





LFCS3 edited-1



Bathing water quality facts and information

Useful information about what affects bathing water quality and results from the Dorset Citizens' Panel.





LFCS4 edited-1



Getting involved with Litter Free Coast and Sea

Follow our top tips, use the beach clean calendar and get your Food Outlet Accreditation Pack.




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 Current Litter Free Coast and Sea campaigns

Take a look at all the local Litter Free Coast and Sea campaigns that are running in Dorset at the moment.





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Achievements for Litter Free Coast and Sea

Information on the achievements of Litter Free Coast and Sea campaign to date.


Be Safe Along The Coast

Please take care when you are at the coast.

Mud-small-192Rock falls can happen at any time of the year and therefore it is important to stay away from the cliffs at all times.

Landslides and rock falls are more likely to happen after heavy rainfall or storms. This means there's always a small element of risk when visiting the Jurassic Coast or any coast with cliffs.

This should not put you off visiting the area but you should use common sense and caution and pay attention to messages and signs about how to stay safe.

More information on rock falls and landslides in Dorset.

Our advice, as ever, is to stay away from the cliffs at all times and to be vigilant, particularly for mud flows that may extend across the beaches and falling rocks from the cliffs.


Pay attention to warning signs; they are there to advise you on specific hazards.

Out on the coast path it is just possible to encounter a new, unreported landslide. Under such circumstances, we would advice you to turn around rather than attempt to cross broken and disturbed ground.

Don't forget to check the tide times for where you are visiting.

In the case of an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Read more: Be Safe Along The Coast