Be Safe Along The Coast

Please take care when you are at the coast.

Mud-small-192Rock falls can happen at any time of the year and therefore it is important to stay away from the cliffs at all times.

Landslides and rock falls are more likely to happen after heavy rainfall or storms. This means there's always a small element of risk when visiting the Jurassic Coast or any coast with cliffs.

This should not put you off visiting the area but you should use common sense and caution and pay attention to messages and signs about how to stay safe.

More information on rock falls and landslides in Dorset.

Our advice, as ever, is to stay away from the cliffs at all times and to be vigilant, particularly for mud flows that may extend across the beaches and falling rocks from the cliffs.


Pay attention to warning signs; they are there to advise you on specific hazards.

Out on the coast path it is just possible to encounter a new, unreported landslide. Under such circumstances, we would advice you to turn around rather than attempt to cross broken and disturbed ground.

Don't forget to check the tide times for where you are visiting.

In the case of an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Safety and The Fossil Code

fossil group-200

Be safe while you're on the beach, walking along the coast path or collecting fossils.


Read the Beach safety and Fossil collecting guide if you are planning to visit Charmouth and look for fossils on the beach.


Fossil collectors, read the full Fossil Collecting Code and follow best practice.



Read more: Safety and The Fossil Code