Jurassic CSI at Camp Bestival

The Jurassic Coast teamed up with the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) over the weekend, solving the crimes of delinquent dinosaurs at Camp Bestival! The actions of these terrible lizards were covered by hordes of excited kids and some great music, leaving only a crime scene at the edge of the ‘Dingly Dell’ forest. It was up to the budding young dinosaur detectives to help the Jurassic Coast and YHA staff determine the murderous culprit and unfortunate victim in a Jurassic CSI!

Camp Bestival 2014 001
Jurassic CSI in action

The dinosuar detectives stepped onto a taped-off crime scene and back in time to the Jurassic Period (140-200 million years ago) to gather clues in this murder mystery. Following in the footsteps of dinosaurs, the junior detectives combined a sharp eye for evidence with Holmesian deduction on a blood-spattered crime scene.

Camp Bestival 2014 009
A pterodactyl soars over the crime scene

Alongside the Jurassic CSI, the rest of the Jurassic Coast and YHA stand was bustling all weekend, with a fossil dig box and fossil rubbing going on all day. We had over 275 dinosaur detectives joining us over the course of the weekend, with many more watching from the sidelines and make their own artistic recreations of Jurassic life. Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with 2/3 describing it as brilliant and one young detective wanting to give us a massive 1 000 000 out of 5!

Camp Bestival 2014 047
1 000 000 out of 5!

Anjana and I had great fun helping the YHA guys running the event and everyone is really excited for next year, because…

… despite some serious sleuthing and exceptional artists’ impressions we still haven’t caught the culprit! So keep your eyes peeled for more prehistoric crimes under Jurassic jurisdiction at Camp Bestival next year!

by Tom

Camp Bestival 2014 046
Artist’s impression of the culprit and victim – call the police if you see either of these guys roaming the forests of Lulworth!

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  1. Tom Hearing is currently working as our (temporary) Jurassic Coast Projects Assistant before heading off in October to start a Ph.D. in Palaeontology at the University of Leicester. His next job this summer will be to travel the length and breadth of the Jurassic Coast collecting rock and fossil samples for school handling collections. Good to have you onboard Tom!

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