The Jurassic Coast Trust

JCT postcardThe Jurassic Coast Trust is the independent charity responsible for managing the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

Our vision is that everyone loves, understands and values the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

Our mission is to enable everyone to have the best possible experience of the Jurassic Coast, whether they want to learn, enjoy, work or study.

To achieve our mission and vision, we work towards the following four aims:

  • To protect the Jurassic Coast and its setting.

We do this by understanding and contesting threats to the ongoing natural erosion that occurs along the coastline, and to developments that might have a negative impact on the way the Site is experienced.  We also work with fossil collectors, research organisations and museums to enable more of the unique and spectacular fossils rescued World Heritage Site to be conserved, researched and ultimately put on display.

  • To engage with people and organisations

We do this in Dorset, East Devon and elsewhere to improve people and organisations’ experience of this incredible World Heritage Site.  Drawing on how the Jurassic Coast is, or might be important to them, we then act to improve their experience so that it makes a meaningful difference to their lives.

  • To deepen our understanding of, and people’s connections with, the Jurassic Coast.

The astonishing Earth Heritage of the Jurassic Coast gives us thousands of stories tell us about the planet, the natural processes that change it and the evolution of species over more than a third of the time of which life has been on Earth.  As custodians of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Site, our job is to demonstrate its relevance and significance, and that of World Heritage Status, and facilitate further understanding and knowledge.

  • To sustain the organisation financially and demonstrate exemplary governance.

We do this through effective and transparent governance and financial management. Successful fundraising enables us to grow financially, allowing us to undertake our mission.  Good governance of both the Trust and the World Heritage Site will ensure the implementation of the Management Plan into the future; World Heritage Sites are to be safeguarded for future generations and the Jurassic Coast Trust intends to be around to make that happen.


The Jurassic Coast Trust receives some grant funding from Dorset and Devon County Councils, Natural England and the Environment Agency.  The remainder of its financial support is generously from charitable giving, including from businesses, and from the sale of publications and other merchandise.  More details of this will follow.

The Trust also currently has a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support the new role it has in managing the Jurassic Coast.  

You can help – support us or get involved

To support us in looking after the Jurassic Coast, you can:

Our registered charity number is 1101134. For formal information about the Jurassic Coast Trust, read our Chairman’s Reports and accounts. To stay in touch with us and hear our news, sign up to our mailing list, or follow the Jurassic Coast on social media.

Our team are based at Mountfield in Bridport. View our contact information for ways of getting in touch.  Media organisations please see our press page.


Alexandra O'Dwyer Vice Chair

The Jurassic Coast Trust is run by a Board of Trustees. We are all passionate about the Jurassic Coast and Read More…