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Economic & Social Impact of Dippy on Tour in Dorset

Dorset County Museum in Dorchester welcomed ‘Dippy on Tour’ for the first stop of his UK tour in February 2018.

The 12-week stay of the iconic Diplodocus cast was a roaring success, welcoming over 153,189 visitors including 8,400 local school children, and giving a £2,250,000 boost to the local economy.

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Find out where Dippy is now on tour

Dippy has now completed his time with us in Dorset. Find out more information about where Dippy is now on tour.


A Look Back on Dippy’s Time in Dorset

We are sad to see him go, but Dippy moved on to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in May 2018. Have a look back on some of the key events and activities during Dippy’s time with us in Dorset.


Things to know about Dippy in Dorset

Dippy knew that many of the fossil marine reptiles at the Natural History Museum in London came from the Jurassic Coast, the birthplace of palaeontology.  After years listening to how brilliant it is, he has finally decided to take the trip to find out for himself, as did over 153,000 people who came to say hello to Dippy in Dorset!

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