How Our Bridport Community Can Respond

The term Deep Adaptation comes from Jem Bendell, a UK activist and academic, who is also a leading advisor to Extinction Rebellion.

Alongside doing all we can to stop climate change, Jem believes we urgently need to start adapting to the climate change crisis that is already unfolding.

Global warming, flood, droughts, storms will all continue to worsen. Jem believes that societal collapse is likely, even in the UK, within ten years, as a result of major global food shortages. He advocates strengthening resources and resilience in local communities as a key step to reduce this risk.

This open meeting invites organisations and individuals in Bridport to come together to explore how we can respond actively to this situation.

Alan Heeks is the founder of Bridport Co-housing, and has been involved in community resilience projects since 2012. He is working closely with Jem on Deep Adaptation.

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The Bar will be open.