Join author and Jurassic Coast Trust Ambassador Jenny Moon for a storytelling event to celebrate the launch of her new book ‘Folk Tales of Rock and Stone’.

This worldwide collection of tales features statues, adderstones, cliffs and quarrymen, magic stones, gems, fossils and stones spinning across water. Most are rewritten folk tales, and some are about ‘real’ people. Jenny Moon tells hundreds of tales a year to children and adults, and has studied why stories are so important to humans. An aim of this entertaining book is to share her fascination with rock and stone, whether in physical form, history, or folk wisdom and lore.

The stories are both local and from around the world and will centre on rock and stone in their various forms.  Most of the stories, but not all, will be from the book.  The sessions are for families – adults and children or adults alone.  The sessions will last about an hour and signed books at a discount price will be available for purchase.

Upcoming Storytelling Events:

Nov 25th Exmouth Library at 4.00pm

Dec 3rd Colyton Library at 1.00pm

Dec 11th Seaton Library at 2.30pm

‘Folk Tales of Rock and Stone’ is available in our online shop.