A text+work exhibition curated by Associate Professor Sean Aita

Enter a magical world of moving creatures, miniature worlds, peepshow boxes, mechanical gizmos, artefacts, films and cartoons.

A free, hands-on living exhibition celebrating 41 years of pioneering multi-media work featuring such wonders as the seven-foot tall white rabbit, the teenage brontosaurus skeleton and a life-size animated unicorn.

“For years the company has been delighting audiences across the country with their blend of humour, surrealism, and intelligent mind-bending wackiness….There is no other theatre group mixing and matching so many different types of media with such inventiveness.” (Film director and ex-Python Terry Gilliam)

Since the mid 1970s, ground-breaking multi-media theatre company Forkbeard Fantasy have been widely acclaimed for their joyous mix of visual trickery, amazing sets, puppets, cartoons and their pioneering work bringing film to the contemporary stage.

Meet The Unicorn, chinwag with The White Rabbit, operate life-size puppets, or just meet old friends from Forkbeard Fantasy’s surreal and colourful past.

Easter open week: Wednesday 30 March – Saturday 9 April 2016

Forkbeard is one of the UK’s great trailblazers of multi-media performance – pioneers of the use of film, animated sets and cartoon live on stage.

Interactive fun for young and old alike.