Colin Bentley in the studioThe first Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition in a series of three, showcasing the work of East Devon-based fine artist Colin Bentley. Colin is working in collaboration with the Jurassic Coast Trust, alongside the Trust’s volunteer Ambassadors, Business Partners, local museums, schools and community groups.

Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition Otterton Point

Colin’s work draws on all these influences to depict the Jurassic Coast in all its rugged beauty. This first Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition at Sidmouth’s Kennaway House will present paintings from the Triassic section of the World Heritage Site, ranging from Orcombe Point in Exmouth to Seaton.

Much of the artwork in the exhibition will be available for sale, with part proceeds going to the Jurassic Coast Trust to help look after our extraordinary World Heritage Site.


Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition Ambassadors Gallery Tours

In the lead-up to the Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition, you can follow Colin’s blogs about his experiences on the coast. You can also visit Colin’s website for more examples of his work.

Colin says of the exhibition, “As an Artist I’ve known the Jurassic Coast for over 20 years but I’ve never explored its geology. In this three year project I hope to tell the story of this World Heritage Site by painting its stunning landscapes. To do this I’m going to gain an understanding of its geology, history and people. 

When an Artist studies life drawing, they are encouraged to look at the anatomy of the human figure. As with drawing the human figure, painting this coastline without an understanding of its geology would be difficult. 

Without this understanding, a landscape is just a view. I don’t paint views. I paint landscapes, and landscapes are places full of history, drama, emotion and life.”

This Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition will also feature daily free tours of the galleries Kennaway House each day at 12:00pm, led by Jurassic Coast Ambassadors.