Brachiopod shell

A fine brachiopod

This brachiopod, beautifully preserved in silica, comes from Wilmington Quarry, between Honiton and Axminster. The quarry was once worked for sand and gravel, and in the process, countless fossils were uncovered. This brachiopod is perhaps the most famous. Unfortunately the quarry is now closed and there is no public access. It is a Site of Special Scientific Importance for fossils and the Lower Chalk rocks, but access is strictly controlled because the resource is no longer being refreshed by quarry activity. These specimens were recovered in the late 1970s.

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Common name

Brachiopod shell

Scientific name

Cyclothyris latissima




Cenomanian Limestone (Lower Chalk)

Time period

Upper Cretaceous


100 million years

Where found

Willmington Quarry

Found by

A young Richard Edmonds (1978)


Allhallows Museum, Honiton

Accession number