Crocodile or turtle bone

Mystery bone

This piece of reptile bone, probably from a turtle or crocodile, was collected from the Purbeck Bed near Swanage. So what is it doing in a museum in Honiton? The answer is that we selected a number of specimens from across the World Heritage Site for display in the museum. By arranging them by age, we can tell the story of the evolution of life as recorded along the Jurassic Coast.

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Common name

Crocodile or turtle bone


Vertebrates > Reptiles > Crocodiles and Turtles


Purbeck Limestone Group, Intermarine Member

Time period

Lower Cretaceous


135 million years

Where found

Durlston Bay, Swanage

Found by

Richard Edmonds


Allhallows Museum, Honiton

Accession number