Trace fossil Fossil Poo Table

Turd table!

This table was made for Dean William Buckland, a lecturer at Oxford, an eccentric fossil hunter and friend of Mary Anning. The tabletop is inset with cut and polished limestone nodules, each containing a coprolite. The nodules are not local, but appear to have come from Leith, in Scotland.

NOTE The fossils date back to the early Carboniferous period but the table was only made less than 200 years ago and that has created a challenge for the dating system in this database! The Quaternary extends from 2.5 million years ago to the present day but it is now proposed that we live in a new period, the Anthropocene, marked by man’s impact on biodiversity and the climate, although it has not been formally adopted.

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Common name

Trace fossil Fossil Poo Table

Scientific name

Coprolite Table


Trace Fossils



Time period



Probably 300 million years

Where found

Leith, Scotland

Found by



Lyme Regis Museum

Accession number