Trace fossil footprint

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One of a number of recently discovered footprints in East Devon that provide further evidence that large reptiles once roamed through the Triassic deserts in which the red rocks formed. They were made by weird animals just at the start of the evolution of the dinosaurs. One day someone is going to find a very substantial skeleton in the Triassic rocks of East Devon, so long as people continue to search for them. This specimen is the front or ‘manus’ footprint but others are from the rear or ‘pes’ print, see below.

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Common name

Trace fossil footprint

Scientific name

Chirothene Footprint


Trace Fossils


Otter Sandstone

Time period



230 million years

Where found

Unknown (in web database; the museum may well have a location)

Found by

Rob Coram and donated to the museum in 2014


Sidmouth Museum

Accession number

exems 20 2013 manus