A beast in bits

This huge specimen is mounted on the wall of Bridport Museum. The dark areas are the fossil remains, and the blue is the material used to reconstruct the body.

The weird and wonderful plesiosaur had a long neck and tail, a barrel-like body and four big fins. Plesiosaurs from this level in the Lower Jurassic are extremely rare. This is a very broken specimen – only parts of the neck, front girdle bones, paddles and rib cage were rescued from the eroding rocks. But it’s hoped that studying it in detail may shed new light on the evolution of these animals.

The specimen was found by an amateur collector, Ray Williams, around 2004/5. It was prepared using acid by Dave Costin of Lyme Regis.

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Common name


Scientific name



Vertebrates > Reptiles > Plesiosaurs


Green Ammonite Beds

Time period

Lower Jurassic


185 million years

Where found

Below Golden Cap

Found by

Ray Williams


Bridport Museum

Accession number