Crinoids (sea lilies) and brittle starfish

This hard block of sandstone is packed with crinoids (Balanocrinus gracilis) and starfish (the larger being Palaeocoma milleri, and the smaller, Hemieuryale lunaris). Such blocks are very occasionally found as loose boulders on the beach, and this one probably came from the Downcliff Sands. It takes many hours of skilled preparation to clean these fossils out of the rock.

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Common name

Crinoids (sea lilies) and brittle starfish

Scientific name

Balanocrinus gracilis, Palaeocoma milleri and Hemieuryale lunaris


Echinoderms > Crinoids


Downcliff Sands

Time period

Lower Jurassic


180 million years

Where found

Eype, near Bridport

Found by

Chris Moore


Bridport Museum

Accession number

BRPMG 10800