Identical ammonites to this specimen, called Asteroceras obtusum, are found in Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire. This tells us that the rocks at Charmouth are exactly the same age as the rocks in Robin Hood’s Bay, over 300 miles away.

The collector, Barney Hansford, lived in Charmouth.  Between the 1950s and the 1970s, he built up a large collection of local fossils and displayed them in Barney’s Fossil Exhibition in Charmouth.  After his death in the late 1980s, the collection was broken up, but some specimens found their way to Bridport Museum’s collection.

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Common name


Scientific name

Asteroceras obtusum


Molluscs > Cephalopods


Black Ven Marls

Time period

Lower Jurassic


190 million years

Where found

Unknown but probably Charmouth

Found by

Barney Hansford


Bridport Museum

Accession number

BRPMG 1095