As big as they get?

This specimen is one of the largest Ichthyosaurs found in the Lower Lias around Lyme Regis.

‘Kevin’ was found in 2005 by museum geologist Paddy Howe, during phase II of the ongoing sea defence works. He was supervising the digging as part of the palaeontological watching brief.

The specimen was named in memory of one the workmen – Kevin Wyle – who was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home from the site the night before Paddy found the first bones. A memorial plaque stands on Marine Parade, near the spot where the Ichthyosaur was found.

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Common name


Scientific name

Temnodontosaurus platyodon


Vertebrates > Reptiles > Ichthyosaurs


Blue Lias, Saurian Shales

Time period

Lower Jurassic


200 myo

Where found

Foreshore in front of Marine Parade, Lyme Regis

Found by

Paddy Howe


Lyme Regis Museum

Accession number