Mammoth tooth

Mammoths on Portland!

One of the more extraordinary stories along the coast is that of the Ice Age fossils found in the ‘gullies’ of Portland. The island is criss-crossed with large, open fractures that the quarrymen call gullies. Some of these were open to the surface in the Ice Age and animals unsuspectedly fell in and became trapped. ‘Pit trap’ deposits as they are known, provide a glimpse into the animals that were walking around thousands of years ago.

Mammoth and elephant teeth are very distinctive in that they are composed of a series of folded sections forming the root (as shown) with a massive, crushing surface on the other side.

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Common name

Mammoth tooth

Scientific name

Elephas primigenius


Vertebrates > Mammals


Pleistocene Gravels

Time period



1 million years

Where found

Isle of Portland

Found by



Dorset County Museum, Dorchester

Accession number