Bivalve shells and ammonite

This collection of fossils illustrates just how rich the Inferior Oolite limestone is. The block is dominated by a large ammonite and a bivalve but there is also a second species of bivalve and a small snail or gastropod.

Horn Park Quarry near Beaminster is the smallest National Nature Reserve (NNR) in Britain, being just one acre or 0.32 hectares in size. It was once a working quarry but it is no longer and the remaining outcrop is protected by a fence. There is no collecting other than for scientific and educational purposes. A section of the fossil beds has been stripped back and protected from the weather by a removable cover. To arrange a visit, contact the Senior Reserve Manager on 07899 731404.



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Common name

Bivalve shells and ammonite


Molluscs > Bivalves


Inferior Oolite

Time period

Middle Jurassic


174 million years

Where found

Horn Park Quarry

Found by

Bob Chandler


Beaminster Museum

Accession number