Fossil Favourite Stamp

Decorated with shimmering colours

Artist's impression of a living belemnite
Artist’s impression of a living belemnite
  • Belemnites are extinct sea creatures which looked like today’s squid.
  • The bullet-shaped shell was surrounded by a soft body.
  • Just like squid, the belemnite swam by sucking water into its mouth, then squirting it out of a small tube below the head. So it jet-propelled itself backwards!
  • Belemnites were a tasty treat for marine monsters such plesiosaurs and pliosaurs.
  • The iridescence on this belemnite is where the shell is preserved as fossilised mother of pearl.
  • People once believed that belemnites had been cast down from the heavens during thunderstorms. They were called thunderbolts or devil’s bullets.
  • Admire this beautiful iridescent belemnite at Dorset County Museum.

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