Brittle star

Fossil Favourite Stamp

Graceful – and gross!

Live Brittle Star
Live Brittle Star
  • Brittle stars are delicate starfish that live on the sea floor, often in great numbers.
  • They have been around for over 500 million years, so they’re much older than the dinosaurs.
  • Their five arms are ‘brittle’ – if one breaks off or gets eaten, they can grow another.
  • Some brittle stars feed on dead animals. Others use their arms to filter the water for plankton.
  • They don’t have an anus – they poo by spitting waste out of their mouths. Yuk!
  • Brittle stars move rapidly by wriggling their arms to make snake-like or rowing movements.
  • Some brittle stars can produce flashes of green or blue light to deter predators.
  • See these beautiful brittle stars at Bridport Museum.

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