Flying reptile (Pterosaur)

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Artist's impression of a Pterosaur
Artist’s impression of a Pterosaur

Ferocious flying reptile

  • This tiny specimen is the top jaw and skull of the flying reptile, Dimorphodon.
  • Dimorphodon was a pterosaur with a wingspan of over a metre.
  • It had a huge head (compared to its body) with sharp teeth.
  • It had large eyes so it could spot its prey from a long way away – probably fish, squid and lizards.
  • Fossil footprints tell us that these pterosaurs walked on all fours.
  • Flying reptiles are rarely found as fossils because they have light, hollow bones, which got washed away or eaten before they could become fossilised.
  • The first fossil of Dimorphodon was discovered in 1828 by the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning, in Lyme Regis.
  • See this tiny but hugely rare Dimorphodon jaw at Lyme Regis Museum.

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