Honiton Hippo

Fossil Favourite Stamp

When hippos roamed Honiton…

  • It’s hard to believe, but hippopotamuses once lived in Honiton, Devon!
  • The hippo that owned these teeth lived in a warm period of the Ice Age, when southern England had a climate similar to Africa today.
  • The teeth and other fossils were found during the construction of the Honiton bypass in 1965.
  • At 135,000 million years old, these mammal fossils are the youngest in our collections! The oldest are a staggering 400 million years old.
  • These are ‘cheek teeth’ which a hippo uses for eating grass and vegetation. Its razor-sharp incisors and tusk-like canines are used for fighting.
  • The hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. And don’t think that its stocky shape and short legs means it couldn’t catch you – hippos have been clocked at 30 km/h!
  • See these hefty hippo remains at Allhallows Museum, Honiton.

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