Fossil Favourite Stamp

Long live the lobster!

Modern-day Lobster
Live Lobster – spot the difference!
  • This amazing fossil of a lobster is over 110 million years old – yet it looks exactly like our lobsters today!
  • Lobsters are crustaceans, like crabs, shrimps and prawns, and land creatures such as woodlice.
  • Crustaceans belong to the arthropods, a group of animals with an armoured external skeleton (an exoskeleton), a segmented body and jointed legs. The hard exoskeleton is the part that’s preserved as a fossil.
  • A problem with the hard shell is that the animal can’t grow. The solution is for them to shed their shells – the shell simply pops open and the animal climbs out. This leaves them vulnerable for a few days until the new shell forms.
  • Lobsters can live to be over 100 years old.
  • A lobster’s brain is in its throat, it breathes and listens with its legs, and tastes with its feet!
  • Admire this exquisite lobster fossil at Sidmouth Museum.

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