Shark tooth

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Sink your teeth into this…!

  • Shark teeth are often found as fossils because sharks shed thousands of teeth in a lifetime.
  • Most sharks have sharp, pointed teeth used for gripping and tearing their prey.
  • Sharks typically lose at least one tooth per week. It only takes a day to replace each tooth!
  • Sharks have lots of rows of teeth in each jaw – the average is 15, although the bull shark has 50 rows of teeth!
  • The skeletons of sharks are made of cartilage (which isn’t as hard and rigid as bone), so usually only their teeth and fin spines are preserved as fossils.
  • Sharks are so well adapted to their environment and way of life that they haven’t needed to change in millions of years. They are a ‘living fossil’.
  • Meet this terrifying tooth at Dorset County Museum.

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