Swanage Crocodile

Fossil Favourite Stamp

Swanage Bay snapper!

  • Unbelievably, this large fearsome crocodile once stalked the waters of Swanage Bay!
  • This species is called Goniopholis. It’s the most ancient ancestor of our salt water crocodiles – only found today in places like India, Asia and Australia.
  • It dates back 135 million years to the time of the dinosaurs, and has hardly changed since then.
  • The salt water crocodile is at the top of the food chain wherever it lives. An adult male can kill any animal that enters its territory, whether in water or on dry land. This includes sharks, water buffalo, horses, kangaroos, monkeys or even humans.
  • The crocodile usually drags its victims into the water and drowns them using the ‘death roll’ – but prey often dies beforehand from the pressure of the huge jaws.
  • Despite its size, the crocodile can jump right out of the water to snatch unsuspecting prey.
  • Meet the awesome Swanage crocodile at Dorset County Museum.

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