Weymouth Bay Pliosaur

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The World’s Biggest Bite!

It was even longer than this bus!
It was even longer than this bus!
Artist's impression of a pliosaur
Artist’s impression of a pliosaur
  • This marine monster was up to 18m in length – that’s longer than the Jurassic Coast bus!
  • This fearsome creature had the biggest bite of all time – big enough to swallow a human in one gulp!
  • Its skull is a staggering 2.4m long – the length of an average car.
  • Its jaws would have been powerful enough to break a small car in half! But cars weren’t around in those days – instead it used them to tear up fish, ammonites and other marine reptiles!
  • This is one of the largest and best preserved fossils of its kind ever found, dating back around 155 million years.
  • See this super-snapping set of jaws at Dorset County Museum.

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