Ever wanted to take a Jurassic Coast quiz? Here you will find a selection of brain teasers relating to England’s only natural World Heritage Site.

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To help with your prep and get you the best score possible, have a look through our website. Start with What is the Jurassic Coast for the key info, dip further into the Site’s fossils through our Fossil Finder Database, and discover just What is World Heritage?

Jurassic Coast Facts Quiz

Why not begin your Jurassic Coast quiz adventure with this introductory quiz, covering some of the key facts about the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

How Well Do You Know Jurassic Park?

This famous 1993 film is beloved by generations of movie-goers, and provided unforgettable images of Jurassic giants traversing the silver screen.

But how well do you know the film’s plot, characters and locations? Take our quiz to find out!


One of the terrifying dinosaurs brought to life in Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Coast Landscapes Quiz

One for the experts! Using the extraordinary photos of our Ambassador Steve Belasco from Jurassic Photographic, this quiz takes in some of the Jurassic Coast’s most spectacular landscapes from the sea.


Bottlenose dolphin and three lighthouses, Portland Bill
Bottlenose dolphin and three lighthouses, Portland. © Steve Belasco - stevebelasco.net

World Heritage Sites Quiz

How well do you know the world’s outstanding natural and culture sites, as recognised by UNESCO? Take our quiz and dive into the fascinating arena of World Heritage.

Ammonites in the slabs - Bella Ormerod_sml
Fossilised ammonites in the "Slabs" in the Undercliffs National Nature Reserve, one of the features that the Undercliffs Fossil Code helps to protect. © Bella Ormerod