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This December, South West based Quirk Theatre bring their lively and inventive theatrical family show, Rhia & The Tree of Lights, to Exeter Phoenix. A magical alternative to panto and a festive treat for the whole family!

Quirk is partnering with The Jurassic Coast Trust, a charity who protect and celebrate the outstanding universal value of the Jurassic Coast. The Trust ensure that the unique and outstandingly beautiful natural spaces it looks after are there for children to play in and discover for generations to come. The Trust’s expert Ambassadors and staff will be offering a fossil handling stall after the shows on the 19th, 21st, 23rd and 24th December.

For nearly two decades, Quirk Theatre’s beloved and memorable shows have given children their first experience of live theatre. Exeter Phoenix are delighted to welcome them back to produce what will be their 18th unforgettable Christmas show with the venue.

Did you know that when you hold a stone in your hand, you are travelling back in time millions of years? Have you ever found a fossil inside?

Set on the magnificent Jurassic Coast, Rhia & The Tree of Lights follows the story of a young British Indian girl preparing for her first Diwali without her Grandma. But when she discovers a mysterious riddle in a dusty case, Rhia and her friends set off on a thrilling adventure to find something that’s been missing for a very, very long time…

Featuring vibrant original music, ancient Indian tales, fossils, dinosaurs, jaw-dropping local wildlife and Quirk’s trademark sense of the ridiculous. A heartwarming show for all ages, celebrating friendship, nature, and the place we call home.



Charice Bhardwaj from Quirk Theatre preparing for Rhia & The Tree of Lights.



Chris & Quirk at Charmouth

Chris Reedman from the Jurassic Coast Trust with the Quirk Theatre team on Charmouth Beach in Summer 2021.


Quirk has worked with a whole host of people to make the show, each one an expert in their field. Director Katie Villa says, “We have met so many amazing South West artists and scientists who have all contributed to Rhia, from a Marine Biologist and an Indian Dancer, to a Bumblebee Ambassador and Underwater Photographer!”


Rhia and the Tree of Lights is produced with funding from Arts Council England & with support from the Jurassic Coast Trust.

Rhia and the Tree of Lights will be playing from 19th- 28th December.

Tickets are available here


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