Author: Lucy Culkin

In this last week, it feels a little like the world has turned a corner, bringing about hope for a Spring, which will bring some freedom and the ability to see people and go to the places we have all been missing over the last months of lockdown.
purbeck rocks pic
For us at the JCT, we have been working hard in preparation for this time. We have taken advantage of the time to revisit our strategic direction, in response to, and in despite of Covid-19 and the restrictions it has brought about.


At our last Trustee Board meeting at the beginning of February, some exciting and bold decisions were made which will see the Trust expand into a new digital space, with new resources, including new team members, who will assist with fulfilling the ambitions we have set for the Trust: to reach a global audience with all our work so that our vision is realised; that everyone loves, understands and values the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. This ambition is encapsulated in the shared ambition which is set out in the Jurassic Coast Partnership Plan 2020-2025.
JCWHS Partnership Plan 2020-25 Front Cover

Front cover of the new Partnership Plan for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Photo © Steve Belasco

One area of our work which has made significant progress in the last year is the Jurassic Coast Collection Project. The project commenced in November 2019, funded by The Garfield Weston Foundation, and has enabled the Trust to work with many local fossil collectors, researchers and local and national museums to gain a better understanding of the scope of the Jurassic Coast’s Fossil Collection and possible future opportunities.


The year one findings report will be published shortly; it clearly identifies the ongoing importance of this work and recognises the project as contributing to the core conservation of the World Heritage Site, therefore it became unthinkable that we would not continue to progress this work past its current funded period, due to end in March 2021.


I am delighted that our Trustees supported the proposal to continue this work and subsequently endorsed the recruitment of a new permanent role for the Trust; a Conservation Officer, with specific responsibility for Palaeontological projects.

This new and exciting role will work alongside our team to provide support, expertise and advice to deliver our core conservation responsibilities for the World Heritage Site and lead the development of the Jurassic Coast Collection project. The recruitment of this role has been launched today, with a closing date of Friday 12th March 2021. More details can be found here.

We are excited to be contacted by applicants who believe they have the skills and experience to undertake this role and who wish to join our team, with a passion to bring their expertise in palaeontology and earth science to protect and conserve England’s only Natural World Heritage Site. We look forward to reporting back following the process and introducing you to the new permanent member of our team.

In the meantime, long live the sunshine and I hope you can get out to enjoy it.

lulworth cove

Summer at Lulworth Cove. Photo © James Loveridge.

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