Author: Penny Jones

Jurassic Coast Trust ambassadors took part in the inaugural ‘Protecting the Environment’ schools’ conference, at Ocean in Exmouth on Wednesday, September 25th 2019.

Organised by Exmouth Town Council in partnership with a number of other local organisations, including the Environment Agency, Clinton Devon Estates and the Met Office. “The proposal was to use the younger generation of Exmouth, who will be most affected, to help promote the message that we all need to act now,” said Chetna Jones from Exmouth Town Council.

Children from all eight Exmouth primary schools took part in workshops on waste and pollution (focussing on the ‘three Rs’ – reuse, reduce and recycle), ecology, wildlife and climate change.  They learned how to deal with environmental challenges, how to create and protect wildlife areas, and how the knowing about the past can help us make a difference for the future: “Doing today what is right for tomorrow.”

Is the past the key to the present and future?

The Jurassic Coast Trust team created a display and resources, exploring climatic and environmental changes as recorded in the rocks and fossils dating back 260 million years. This time-travelling journey culminated in 2019, when the children were asked to think about what humans can learn from the geological record of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and how it may help us to address environmental issues of both the present and the future.

Jurassic Coast Resources

At the end of the conference the children were asked about what they had learned, if they had any ideas or suggestions and if they wanted to make a pledge to make one small change which to help protect the environment.

“The Jurassic Coast Trust was proud to be part of the innovative and successful event,” said Jurassic Coast Trust Ambassador Chris Woodward. “Our local ambassadorial team were able to deliver educational outreach of the highest standard to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable primary students attending. The Trust looks forward immensely to being involved with any future conferences that may follow. A big thank you to Exmouth Town Council for organising and supporting this event.”

Each child took away resources that summarised the information they were given, allowing the opportunity for further discussion and reflection at home or in school.

If you would like our ambassadors to visit your school, please get in touch. Email or telephone the office on 01308 807 000.


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