Author: Toby McConnell

The Jurassic Coast Trust are truly excited to be involved with the BBC4 Programme ‘Beach Live -Jurassic Coast Revealed’ series, which is being broadcast from the Jurassic Coast this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 8pm!

In this live three-part series, historian Dan Snow and natural history experts Lucy Cooke and Niall Strawson aim to open our eyes to the amazing prehistoric landscapes, unique animals and intriguing historical insights hidden beneath the sand and sea of a single stretch of British coastline.

Our very own Earth Scientist, Dr Anjana Khatwa Ford, who is the Programme Manager for Learning at JCT, will be explaining the creation of the unique geological make-up of the Jurassic Coast through the medium of cake! Anjana talks Niall through the layers as seen from the sea and will be taking questions from the public about the Jurassic Coast as the programme is shown live on air.

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Anjana Khatwa Ford and Niall Strawson at BeachLive

This series reveals the hidden treasures of the Jurassic Coast and hopes to inspire people to look beyond sandcastles and ice creams, and be motivated to discover more about Britain’s fascinating and varied shoreline. From crabs and bats to owls and cormorants, the programme investigates how much wildlife is living on the beach. The strandline’s hidden world of sandhoppers and seaweed is magnified, while specialist underwater cameras give a view of sharks and crabs lying deep in the ocean.

Dan Snow examines the royal origin of beach huts and sees how varied their use is in modern-day Britain. Lucy Cooke demonstrates how a humble mollusc helps to train racehorses in Devon. Niall Strawson is in charge of the Discovery Centre, where a panel of experts examine and assess the significance of beach finds from all over the country.

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Talking about her experience of being involved in the show, Anjana tells us:

“I am so excited and flattered to have been asked by Voltage TV to be part of the BBC Beach Live team which will be broadcast on BBC 4 on the 17, 18 and 19th July from 8-9pm.

Anyone who knows me can vouch for my enthusiasm and passion for this incredible coastline and through this opportunity I hope to raise the profile of the Jurassic Coast Trust and the role it plays in protecting this World Heritage Site. 

In Beach Live: The Jurassic Coast Revealed, I will be appearing alongside natural history presenter, Niall Strawson, discussing the anatomy of the Jurassic Coast and why we have this extraordinary geological story that charts 185 million years of Earth’s History. So I hope that you’ll tune in to the live show on BBC 4 or see it later on BBC iPlayer, after all when all is said and done, the real star of the show is the Jurassic Coast itself.” 

Anjana Khatwa Ford filming at BeachLive

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