Author: Nathan Akrill


People are being urged to take care on the coast and cliffs in Dorset after more severe weather over the Christmas period.

The public should beware of landslips along the Jurassic Coast as well as possible, rockfalls, mudflows and quicksand – and pay full attention to any warning signs they encounter.

Erosion is a natural, ongoing process along this stretch of coast – and is one of the reasons why the Jurassic Coast was designated a World Heritage Site – but people must take care when out and about.

Exceptional rainfall over the past year has left some of the cliffs in an unusually unpredictable and unstable condition, with a heightened risk of additional landslides, mudslides and rock falls.

The advice, as always, is to stay well away from the cliffs and mudflows, and to beware of quicksand. Visitors should also be aware of the tides, as it is possible to become cut off from the normal exit points to and from the beaches.

Following landslips and subsidence, the South West Coast Path has been closed between Kimmeridge and Chapman’s Pool, and above the West Weares near Tout Quarry on Portland. People are also advised to stay away from North Beach at Swanage, which has seen substantial cliff falls, and are strongly advised to take heed of any warning signs – they are there for people’s safety.

Sally King, Jurassic Coast visitor manager, said:

“People are encouraged to continue to enjoy our beautiful coastal landscape. But we would urge them to use their common sense and avoid potential hazards, even if they are familiar with the area.”

In an emergency situation, please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Be Safe Along The Coast.

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