Author: Nathan Akrill

Charmouth Footbridge crosses the River Char and sits on a fantastic part of the World Heritage Coast.The bridge is used over 500,000 times a year. And consequently now needs replacing.

new Charmouth Footbridge

Thanks to Arts Council England funding; we are now in a position to appoint an artist to work on concept development, and with the engineers to design a unique bridge that fits aesthetically into this beautiful environment.

The artist will also be asked to look at the car park to the West and look at how the approaches to the bridge work.

The project has been invited to apply for the Cultural Olympiad ‘Inspire’ brand as it is seen as an example of best practice; innovative; leaves a legacy;animates a space; and will also involve young people in workshops to look at what makes quality inspiring design.

This is an opportunity to inspire our younger generations and for them to see how the natural and built environment can work together.Making a sense of place.

Written by Cleo Evans

Team contact:   Daisy Sutcliffe , Jurassic Coast Arts Coordinator

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