Author: Lucy Culkin

We recently launched a competition on our Facebook page to encourage all young budding Bards (with a little help from their parents!) to create a 20 line Dippy Rap and be in with a chance to meet and greet Andy Day from Cbeebies Andy’s prehistoric Adventures, this coming Saturday (31st March) at his Dino Raps show in Brewery Square. JCT will be hosting a pop-up shop in the Square from 10-3pm, we will have dino glitter tattoos, arts and crafts and a chance to purchase exclusive Dippy merchandise. Please do pop by and say hi!

We are delighted to announce our winners and share their wonderful words with you.

Andy’s Dino Raps at Brewery Square on 31st March

Benjamin’s Dippy rap:

Dippy Dippy with your tail so whippy
He’s a herbivore that just wants more
Go Jurassic rangers ain’t no strangers
Dippy Roared then he snored
At Jurassic coast sleepover post.

Ellyot Beazer Dippy Picture

Ellyot Beazer Dippy Picture

By Benjamin James age 6

Guess Who I am

Hey young man. Guess who I am.
Let me give you a clue, maybe a starter for 2….
292 bones
23.3 metres long
4 metres high
150million years old
And I am best at standing like a statue!

I’ve been at the museum just waiting for you.
London to Dorset is the first leg of my tour
It’s great being back on the Jurassic coast’s door
Returning to Dorset is never a chore

Do you know who I am – yes that’s me!
I am Dippy the Dinosaur – that is right.
Dippy by name. Dinosaur by nature.
If you don’t come to see me, only you, can you blame.


By Ellyot Beazer aged 5

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