Author: Nathan Akrill

Creative Coast 2012 - The next step for the Jurassic Coast Arts ProgrammeWe are thrilled to announce that thanks to Arts Council England and our other Steering Group partners, that we are embarking on an eighteen month project to continue to develop the Jurassic Coast Arts Programme, and to provide a cultural legacy to plans around the Olympic and Paralympic sailing and windsurfing events in 2012.  We will be working with our arts partners on an exciting programme of activities, events and exhibitions and using these to demonstrate to policy makers what the role for the arts in the management of natural heritage can be.  I have just resumed my role with the team to take forward this piece of work, and we will keep you up to date with progress here, so watch this space!

We are continuing to work with the partners on the projects that we established over the past three years.  These feature:
Coastal Voices:  The four projects are now up and running and looking for local singers to take part.  Please see for more information.

Jurassic Coast Earth Festival: has got it’s funding from Arts Council England (thank you!) and is doing a final push to raise the rest of the money needed to make sure that the Jurassic Coast features in the press coverage of the Olympic Games.  Please see for more information.

Exploratory Laboratory: also got it’s funding from Arts Council England and are currently shortlisting possible commissions for next summer from a massively exciting list of more than 200 artists.

Outdoor Events and Celebrations: had their carnival conference on Saturday October 1st (after writing but before releasing this newsletter).

Exeter University: have just recruited our second PhD student to research ‘Stone Exposures: Photography, Landscape Change and Anticipatory Adaptation’, making the project feel like more a research team.  Her name is Rose Ferraby.  Meanwhile Jon Croose has read his theory and is moving into the field this year, so will be out and about with various carnival and processional groups.

Daisy Sutcliffe, Creative Coast 2012 Coordinator.

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