Author: Lucy Culkin

Worth Matravers

Go Jurassic Rangers Dinosaur Walk

Should you find yourself at a loose end this Saturday (or any Saturday in April), why not bring the family along to one of our guided walks to Keates Quarry? Our Jurassic Coast Ambassadors will ignite your imagination with stories of when the dinosaurs roamed our coast.

These dinosaur footprints are around 140 million years old. You can visit them in Purbeck.

Leaving from the Square and Compass pub at Worth Matravers at 12.00 noon, the tour is suitable for all; wheelchairs and pushchairs can access the tour although expect some mud if the rain continues! There is a small charge of £5 per person for the tour, which lasts approximately 2 hours.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Ambassadors will fascinate you with stories of how the footprints were found in 1996 but then covered up again until 2013 before being studied some more and opened to the public.

They will paint a picture of landscape over 145 million years ago when the shoreline was a huge freshwater lagoon. You can see 111 footprints of sauropod dinosaurs, with their “D” shaped prints – we think these were left by Brachiosaurus as these were the commonest sauropods at the time.

dinosaur footprints walks

Dinosaur Footprints walk in Purbeck

Make sure you find the smaller impressions which were probably left by baby dinosaurs.  You can see several adults were there as there are differing sizes of prints. There is also a straight, longer, mark (near the centre of the quarry) which could be the mark of a dinosaur tail in the mud!

The walk will certainly spark some questions and leave you wanting to know more about our stretch of coast from millions of years ago!

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