Author: Nathan Akrill

Throughout Dorset abandoned quarries, cuttings and rock faces offer valued glimpses of our rich geological heritage.

Dorset's quarries

Many of them are given conservation status and include National Nature Reserves, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Regionally Important Geological Sites.

Geologists from the Dorset Important Geological Sites group (DIGS) work to conserve and protect the geological heritage of Dorset, visiting sites throughout the year to maintain rock exposures. The work normally involves tasks like hacking back brambles, strimming nettles or pulling ivy, anything that helps to keep the rocks accessible and visible.

The DIGS group plan regular conservation days every month and are looking for volunteers to help keep Dorset’s geological heritage in tip-top condition. It’s a great opportunity to learn about geology ‘on the job’ and get involved with some worthwhile practical conservation.

For more details or if you would like to get involved please contact:

Alan Holiday TEL:  07815 482 963      EMAIL:

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