Author: Nathan Akrill

As more local hotels and attractions sign up to the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme visitors are encouraged to look for the marque that tells them which businesses are embracing the values associated with the Jurassic Coast.

business' are embracing the jurassic coast, see how you can too here!

The Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme is gathering pace with more new accreditations than in any previous period.

Participating businesses now include hotels and guest houses, transport and leisure providers, tour operators, restaurants, and eateries. All have signed up to support the values of the World Heritage Site and have met the Jurassic Coast Quality Business criteria.

To become a Jurassic Coast Quality Business requires the business to go through a process that confirms they meet legislative requirements, that they have top notch customer service skills, a good knowledge of the Jurassic Coast and are thinking green in all aspects of their business.

Participants in the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme can be identified by the logo contained in their advertisements, websites and promotional material.

Those in the scheme are surprised and delighted at how the process helps them get even better at what they considered themselves to be already good at. Many feel it has been really helpful in building knowledge and confidence when talking to guests about the Jurassic Coast. For others, it has enabled them get to get a grip on going green. But appreciated by most is the way the scheme shines a torch into the corners of their business –  exposing the places they themselves hardly like to visit. Business planning, financial planning, legislation – the scheme has helped many businesses to feel really good about these often daunting places.

All Jurassic Coast Quality Businesses receive a window sticker, certificate, and promotional toolkit to help make the most of their participation in the scheme.

View the listing of participants in the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme

The Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme is open to all tourism &  hospitality businesses wanting to contribute to the Jurassic Coast visitor experience.


Jude Sargeant, Dorset New Forest Tourism Partnership.



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