Author: Chris Reedman

The Jurassic Coast Trust is pleased to announce the next phase of the Jurassic Coast Collection: the establishment of a Working Group who will act as an advisory body responsible for making recommendations and providing advice in relation to this work.

The establishment of the Working Group is the latest positive development for the Jurassic Coast Collection, following the successful securing of two years’ of funding from the John Ellerman Foundation, and the publication of the Year 1 Report.

The Working Group will represent the collective views of key organisations and stakeholders relevant to the palaeontology of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Some of the Group’s key roles will be to oversee and advise on the development of a digital ‘museum’, promoting wider understanding and public engagement with the Jurassic Coast’s extraordinary fossil specimens, as well as supporting local museums with the curation, growth and interpretation of their fossil collections. The Group will also advocate for new research on important fossils from the Jurassic Coast.

A key focus of the group will be to share the benefits of World Heritage with as broad a range of audiences as possible and the Trust encourages participation and involvement from underrepresented individuals, organisations or communities who could bring expertise regarding equality, diversity and inclusion, to this type of work.

The Group will also collaborate in the drafting of a feasibility study for a centre dedicated to the World Heritage Site and its exceptional fossil record. This study will undertake a critical assessment of the need and business case for a new development as well as its sustainability, public impact and the role it could play in celebrating World Heritage Site status, acquiring and displaying fossils, and supporting existing museums.

Recruitment for roles within the Jurassic Coast Collection Working Group will be conducted via an expression of interest process.

Any questions regarding this work should be directed to Chris Reedman, Palaeontological Officer, JCT.

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