Author: Nathan Akrill

We were approached by the production team working on a new children’s programme about World Heritage Sites in the UK featuring filming with Jedward for CBBC – thats the celebrity twin-brother team John and Edward.

The idea of the show was for the boys to prove they would be a better tour guide for the Jurassic Coast, after spending time with our very own fossil expert Richard Edmonds. Jedward recited facts learnt from Richard, back to groups of tourists, and were then voted for depending on their performance.

We made sure that the places they visited while filming, covered some key Jurassic Coast highlights; the Pliosaur jaws at Dorset County Museum; a quarry on Portland, Chesil Beach and Lyme Regis.

Who knows quite what the finished show will be like, probably like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but you can find out for yourselves on CBBC 4.30pm Wednesday 8th February. Happy viewing!

Julia Pulman, Jurassic Coast Marketing & Communications Officer

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