Author: Nathan Akrill

Some of you may have noticed a new feature on the Weymouth Skyline. The 165ft high Weymouth Sealife Tower, created by Entertainments giants Merlin, has started to show the Jurassic Coast, Weymouth and Portland off to its passengers from a whole new perspective.

The Tower is a fairly simple concept; you go up 53m in a large donut-shaped capsule, you have fantastic views of the coast and town whilst slowly turning through 360 degrees a number of times, and you get an commentary about your surroundings.  The whole experience lasts about 20 to 30 mins, with about 10 to 15 mins in the air.  Having taken a straw poll from the Team after our first “flight” today, we think it’s great!

In developing the tower, Sealife Weymouth became the first member of the new Jurassic Coast Business Partner Scheme.  The Jurassic Coast Team helped the Merlin team to put together the interpretation for the waiting area, and trained the guides to help them develop their commentary.  We also helped to put together the fantastic circular guide which will help you understand what you are looking at whilst in the air, and 10% of the sale price of each one is being donated to the Jurassic Coast Trust.   More about the Business Partner Scheme in the next JPost, but other partners who have recently signed up include Lyme Bay Holidays, Lulworth RIB Charter, and Devon Retreat B&B in Beer.

For prices and booking please see the website  The Tower will also be catering to school groups at a much reduced rate, and it could become a must-do part of a Jurassic Coast school visit to Weymouth and Portland.

Sam Rose, Jurassic Coast Team Leader


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