Author: Nathan Akrill

new Charmouth FootbridgeThe new Charmouth footbridge opened back in April, and since then has received fantastic feedback.

Charmouth Parish Council

“You asked us for our thoughts before you even started the design. You’ve taken on

board our comments and the bridge is perfect – exactly what we all wanted”.

“We have had great feedback. Everyone has been saying how fantastic it looks.

Love the design, fits in well. Looks like the old bridge until you get up onto it – then

it’s a lovely surprise crossing over”.

“Great asset for Charmouth. Very honoured that it was able to happen”.


“The lookout posts on the bridge are really good for families to pause and stop and

stare. It captures the view so well – to the inlet or out to sea for watching the birds.

That is the beauty of it when you have the duality. I can imagine it becoming a

meeting place. The slope of the handrail was so comfortable. You can lean on it. It

was responsive to elbows. The combination of the materials – ie the recycled rusty

remnants of the pillars and then the new locally sourced chestnut. The attention to

detail is appreciated- ie the metal staples in the rail.”

“Very nicely done, the finish is such high quality”.

“Clever design”,

“Nice bit of bounce in it”.

“Finished on time. Efficient workers”

“Nice that DCC did it as opposed to getting contracting out”.

“Looks beautiful.”

“Great viewing area to see birds. Lovely feel when walking over it”.

“Delighted and thrilled…..much better than imagined.”

“Everyone loves it. The way it opens up onto the outside.

“‘wow what a great bridge’

“‘Ooo, this looks so much better’

“What an unusual bridge”

“The general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly favourable from all I have

spoken to and it looks good as well. A good job and delivered on time too.”

Lots of people have commented that they like the timber – usually accompanied by

running their hands along the top rail and/or patting it!

One gentleman (obviously a twitcher given his binoculars!) said that he loved the

central section because he could lean on the handrails and watch the birds without

getting in people’s way.

I heard many people during the opening saying how fantastic it was, how the shape

was interesting and how they liked that you could stop in the middle. Another said

that because the height had been raised – it framed the view better (of the hinterland)

Special thanks goes to our funders – Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team, Fine Foundation; Arts Council England, Jurassic Coast Arts Programme, Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council.

Just to add, it was a great example of successful partnership working between Dorset County Council engineers, Dorset arts team; the AONB team and the Coastal Rangers at Charmouth.  It was also part of the public realm work for the Jurassic Coast Arts Programme.

Cleo Evans  Arts Officer.

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