Author: Nathan Akrill

After a lengthy recruitment process, Daisy Sutcliffe has just been appointed as the new Jurassic Coast Arts Coordinator.

Hackney Empire project.

Daisy, who’s previous job was as Head of Participation and Learning at the Hackney Empire in East London, will be starting her post at the end of May. Based with the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team, she will be responsible for coordinating the Jurassic Coast Arts Programme, an initiative jointly funded between The Arts Council England (South West), Dorset and Devon County Councils, with other contributions from West Dorset and Purbeck District Councils.

Development of an Arts programme has come about as a result of strong leadership from within the creative sector in Dorset and Devon.  An Arts Strategy was produced in 2005 – the only known one for a natural World Heritage Site anywhere in the world – but it has taken this long to develop the resources to get a coordinator in place.

Arts and Culture are very important to the World Heritage Convention, which is the only international designation that explicitly links cultural and natural heritage. The Arts Programme will also help to integrate World Heritage as a “function in the life of the community”, a requirement made of all World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO convention.

Daisy will build on work started over the last year by Chris Huxley and Crystal Johnson to develop the Jurassic Coast Arts Programme. This will involve an exciting range of initiatives around the key themes of Arts & Science, Celebration of Stone, Sounds of the Coast, Carnival, Site Specific Arts and the Jurassic Coast Fellowship.  Daisy will also look to continue work done to date on developing plans for the Cultural Olympiad.

For more information please contact Daisy on, but not until the start of June please.

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