Author: Penny Jones

No sooner than we sent out the first in our home learning activities, than Jurassic Coast fans Saba and Dex in the Netherlands took up our first challenge.

Saba (5) and Dex (8) live in Papendrecht, near Rotterdam, and have taken advantage of the lockdown to create their own Jurassic Park landscape.

“Dex always had a love for dinosaurs and fossils,” say his parents Mike and Dewi. “In 2018 we decided to visit Charmouth to hunt for fossils ourselves. We found quite a lot of ammonites, and we decided to come back in 2019. On that trip Dex found his first Ichthyosaurus vertebrae and probably well over 500 pieces of Belemnites.”

Thankfully Dex is able to pursue his passion closer to home. “Near our house we have a park with a pathway filled with shells, Dex regularly finds fossil bones, vertebrae and shark teeth.”  The family however cannot wait to come back to the Jurassic Coast. “We have a new trip planned for 2020, again to Charmouth, which we hope we can still make after the corona crisis.”

According to Dex, the following dinosaurs are in his park: Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, two T-rexes, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Carnotaurus and a Styracosaurus.Fancy having a go yourself? Visit our home learning section to test your creativity and knowledge of the Jurassic Coast.  Over the coming weeks we’ll be regularly adding adding new activities to keep you coming back for more.

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