Author: Nathan Akrill

My name is Betti, I am 28 and a Master student of sustainable tourism management from Berlin, Germany. In order to get some work experience I spent altogether 6 weeks working in Dorchester.

The Jurassic Coast is a wonderful place to spend some time at. During my summer internship with the Jurassic Coast Team I explored the coast for two weeks, which was marvellous.

My task here was to help develop a new leaflet for the Jurassic Coast. At present, there are three main leaflets for the Coast, but as visitors will most likely not pick up all three it is important to design one leaflet containing all the important information. It is more nature-friendly as well to only produce one leaflet. In order to get an idea of what pieces of information are useful and important to visitors I developed a questionnaire and conducted 22 interviews at 22 Tourist Information and Visitor Centres. The members of staff were on the whole very friendly and helpful and the results of the interviews are quite interesting. I wrote a report on my work and am excited to see which aspects of my work will be included in the new leaflet.

Most of all I enjoyed driving along the Coast and conducting the interviews. The landscape is just beautiful and it was also very good for my language abilities to talk to many different people.

My way now takes me back to Germany where I will be working for a small tour operator specialising in sustainable trips to Southern Africa.

From my internship here I will take with me many impressions of a wonderful country, the experience of having worked with a highly-skilled and welcoming team and a broader knowledge of the Jurassic Coast and how it can be kept such a beautiful place.

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